Six Things That Will Make Your Tax Preparer Happy

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When you hire a tax preparer to take care of your taxes, you need to understand that they cannot do it alone. While they can process the numbers and submit your tax returns, they need you to provide them with details and proof of your income and expenses. Also, if your tax preparer has to do all the work, including sorting out your receipts, it will add to their work and your expenses.

Now, if you take the time to prepare carefully and have the requirements for tax preparation on hand, your tax expert will do a better job and be happy to see you again next year! In addition to this, there are several other things you can do to save money and make the process convenient for your and your tax preparer.

To help you make tax preparation less troublesome than it needs to be, the experts at A Little Faith Accounting & Tax Services, LLC have written down six things that will make your tax preparer happy. These tips coincide with efficient tax preparation and also free you of additional expenses and stress during tax season.

1. Call your tax preparer in the summer
Don’t just show up during tax season, and don’t wait on your tax preparer to call you. You taking the initiative will place you at the head of the pack when tax season comes. Believe it or not, tax preparers have priority clients, and those that “show up” only during tax season will most likely not be on that list.

2. Schedule an early appointment to have your taxes filed
When tax season comes, preparers are usually bombarded with calls, paperwork, and an increased workload. So, being able to plan when to meet with clients, when to schedule work completion, and the possibility of any missing information really helps your preparer keep the stress away. If possible, meet with your preparer very early to discuss any changes to your life situation (if any) and what can be expected for the coming tax season.

3. Scan your receipts
For the small business owners that do not use accounting software, please stop bringing a box (or bag) of receipts to your tax preparer. It’s unprofessional, untidy, and unappreciative of your preparer’s time. With technology today, there is really no reason you’re not able to store your receipts (all of them) in some sort of document storage system. It’s easy to find something that you can use. As a tip, PDF and JPEG files of receipt are much better than paper copies. Lastly, scan your receipts as early and as often as you can. In fact, as soon as you get them, scan them and toss the paper copy.

4. Pay upfront
This is an industry secret. If your preparer charges by the hour, give them a deadline that you need your taxes filed by a certain date (make up a reason why) and pay them in advance. Some questionable preparers want to rack up the bill and surprise their clients. Paying them in advance gives your preparer a clock to work with. Even if they (your preparer) are charging a flat fee, nobody wants to get paid less than they’re worth. For example, a $300 tax return that normally takes two hours equals $150 per hour. If that preparer stalls or drags their feet, and it takes two weeks to get paid, you have to bear the cost. The smart move would be to get the return out of the way as soon as possible, which would be a win-win situation.

5. Show your tax preparer some love
Yes, paying for your preparer’s service is appreciated, but you know what will really make their day? Referrals and reviews! Giving your preparer a spotlight or shout-out will attract others and will add prestige to YOUR preparer. If you received good service, do your preparer a favor and shine some light on them. This gesture will ensure that they remember you.

6. Ask as many questions as you’d like
It’s okay to ask questions. If you’re genuine with your questions and aren’t just “testing” your preparer, they’ll appreciate your inquisitiveness. If it’s something they don’t know, they’ll more than likely look into it for both you and themselves. Don’t expect your preparer to know everything about everything, but they should know at least a little more than you when it comes to their profession. And who doesn’t like talking about something they love? Remember, you want to build a relationship with your preparer.

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