How To Throw A Party On A Budget

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Depending on a few factors, hosting parties or get-togethers such as birthdays, baby showers, or anniversaries can be either affordable or a significant expense. You see, based on the number of people attending, you will need to arrange seating, food, entertainment, and a measure of creativity will save you considerable money.

At A Little Faith Accounting & Tax Services, LLC, we offer accounting for small businesses and personal financial planning, retirement planning, cash-flow management, tax preparation, and much more. To help you save your hard-earned money while throwing both fun and exciting parties for yourself and your loved ones, we have outlined a few tips to keep expenditure on the event to a minimum. 

Shortlist locations
Renting or hiring a hall for your event is often one of the larger expenses. However, there are ways around this. Opting to use your home or the home of an accommodating friend or relative would save you a sizable chunk of change. Similarly, you could contact your local church or community center to get the most reasonable rates for a hall rental. 

Make a guest list that reflects your goals
The number of people attending your party plays a vital role in determining a budget. You should not be inviting anyone that you don’t know personally. Invite close friends and family, and remember that your goal is to have fun and make memories while keeping expenditure down to a minimum.

Keep invitations simple
Paying for fancy, embossed invitation cards is acceptable, but they often just get tossed in the trash and don’t match up against a personalized email, phone call, or even a simple text message. With emails and modern methods of communication, your invitation can be tracked, reminders can be sent, and you can place a read receipt on the correspondence so you can be confident it was received and read. 

Keep expenses on decorations, food, and music to a minimum
Good food is essential for the success of an event. However, hosting the party as a dinner event can be a costly affair. Dinners can also take away from the real reason for the party. Snacks, finger foods, appetizers, entrees, and desserts, along with lots of engaging activities and action, will suffice, and as long as you have activities planned to keep guests busy, they will think the food never runs out. The same goes for music and decorations. Keep your decoration expenses to a minimum. Just set a simple color scheme and theme and match the colors. For music, use a subscription service and pre-set the music choice. Pandora, Spotify, Tidal, YouTube Music, etc., all have paid options with no commercials. People will not mind if no MC is speaking over the music. As long as the music plays without interruption, most people will be happy. 

Bottom Line
The key to pulling off a good party is activity and involvement. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to do that, just creativity and effort. Most of the money will be spent on food. However, if you limit the number of guests, your menu options can increase with better quality, fancier foods. You can also literally DJ your own party and still have a great time. Most guests will remember what happened and not necessarily everything they saw, so don’t waste money on extravagant decorations.

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